Events organised for the DIGMEDTEXT/CPGM project

Presentations of the DIGMEDTEXT/CPGM project

Events organised for the DIGMEDTEXT/CPGM Project




Parma, November 2-4, 2016

DIGMEDTEXT final conference

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Programme (online)

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Please be aware of the following changes, occurred after the programme was finalized: G. DEL MASTRO's paper is moved to Friday 4 at 9 AM; A. RICCIARDETTO, L. DEL CORSO and R. LUISELLI will not be able to be present.

DIGMEDTEXT International Conference

Parlare la Medicina
fra lingue e culture, nello spazio e nel tempo

Parma, September 5-7, 2016

Parlare la Medicina

An interdisciplinary conference stemming from the MEDICALIA ONLINE Project and focused on the multifarious connections between medicine and linguistics. International experts and scholars dealing with papyrology, egyptology, ancient history, classics, literature, medicine, and linguistics will afford topics about the main themes of "translating medicine", "developing the microlanguage of medicine", "communicating medicine", "contextualizing medicine", "attesting to medicine", and "narrating medicine".

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Provisional Programme (online)

Digital Papyrology Training Sessions

Training Session May 2016

Parma, May 9-12, 2016


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International Conference / Digital Training Session

Medical Papyri in a Digital World

Parma, September 7-10, 2015


Digital Papyrology Training Sessions

Workshop June 2015

Parma, June 4, 2015

Digital Papyrology Workshop 2015

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Digital Papyrology Training Sessions

Training Session September 2014

Parma, September 8-13, 2014

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Online Humanities Scholarship: International Conference

Greek Magical and Medical Papyri

Parma, May 29-30, 2014

Presentations of the DIGMEDTEXT/CPGM Project

N. Reggiani: The Corpus of Greek Medical Papyri and Digital Papyrology: new perspectives from an ongoing project

  • IX Giornata di Studio di Papirologia / International Conference "Medical Papyri in a Digital World / I papiri medici nel mondo digitale"
    Parma, 7-10.9.2015

N. Reggiani: I papiri medici e la papirologia digitale: prospettive e problemi

N. Reggiani: Towards an electronic corpus of Greek medical papyri: problems and perspectives

A. Maravela: Medicalia Online: ψυγμός and related terms

N. Reggiani: A corpus of literary papyri online: the pilot project of the medical texts via SoSOL

I. Andorlini: Medical Papyri Pilot Project - Work in progress in the ParmaMed Community

I. Andorlini, N. Reggiani, L. Iori, I. Bonati, M. Centenari: Edizioni papirologiche online. Dimostrazione di SoSOL

I. Andorlini: Edizione e ricostruzione digitale dei testi papiracei

N. Reggiani: Progetti di Papirologia Digitale in corso

I. Andorlini, N. Reggiani, M. Nuti, A.E. Hanson, G. Ghiretti, I. Bonati, M. Centenari, L. Iori: SoSOL Training Session (work in progress for IDP3/Pilot Project: Medical Papyri On Line)