The MEDICALIA ONLINE Project aims at creating an electronic lexical database ("glossary") dealing with the technical terms of Greek medical papyri, linked to the main CPGM core.

MEDICALIA ONLINE is edited by the Parma Digital Papyrology team, led by Prof. Isabella Andorlini, in close collaboration with the University of Oslo research group "Strengthening research capacity in the papyrus collection of the Oslo University Library" led by Prof. Anastasia Maravela.  Indeed the forthcoming database will include several projects held by members of both teams, such as the PhD dissertation by Isabella Bonati (PhD in Papyrology at the University of Parma and Yggdrasil Scholar 2012 at the University of Oslo) on the vocabulary of Greek medical containers, Giulia Ghiretti's dissertation "Luoghi e strumenti della professione medica nei papiri greci d'Egitto", the past project "Sapere e saper fare nella professione medica attraverso i papiri" ("Knowledge and Know-how in medical profession in the light of the papyri", PRIN 2007 - u.d.r. Parma - Prof. I. Andorlini) with particular regard to the units of measure in the medical texts (project "Tra misura teorica e pratica: misure e oggetti, dal farmacista al medico" - "Between theoretical and practical measurement: measures and objects, from the pharmacist to the physician", by Nicola Reggiani), the analysis of the "Michigan Medical Codex" (P.Mich.inv.21) by Francesca Corazza (PhD student, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), the study on Ionic Greek vocabulary (with a special focus on Hippocratic texts) by Eirik Welo (Oslo).


Ann Ellis Hanson (Yale University)
Caroline Magdelaine (Université de Paris - Sorbonne)
David Leith (University of Exeter)
Raffaele Luiselli (Università di Roma - La Sapienza)

Some preliminary specimina of the technical glossary are available HERE.